Three watches at Three Price Points – Ladies Watches

In this blog we are going to uncover what we think are the best ladies watches at three drastically different price points. We find that the watch market has taken more of a liking to ladies pieces these days, with more and more of them becoming just as rare, if not rarer than their male counterparts.

1. Cartier Ballon De Cartier

Introduced in 2007, the Ballon bleu de Cartier is often overshadowed by the other Cartier women’s watches such as the Tank or the Santos, and undeservedly so. The round case shape distinguishes itself in its own unique way and is not overpowered by its femininity. In fact, it is perfectly balanced between a masculine edge and feminine elegance, making it a watch for everyday wearability. The ‘guilloche’ pattern adds texture and depth to the dial which can be appreciated at all times of the day.

For only £5,300 retail and fetching under in secondary market, this watch is the perfect everyday lady’s watch.

2. Rolex Ladies Day-Date 36

Fashioning a bit more clout is the ladies Day Date 36 with an amazing green ombré dial in full yellow gold. Fitted on Rolex’s famous presidential bracelet, this watch is both a statement and an elegant one at that. It is not as loud as other gold watches and fits prettily on the wrist, and the green ombré dial might just be our favourite ever from Rolex. Not only is it unique to other Rolex dials, but the subtle green that almost changes colour in different lights is truly a sigh to behold. The diamond hour markers offer a subtle touch of bling, again not too loud, but noticeable enough to establish that this watch is indeed, pricey. This model in particular is fetching around £45,000 in the after-market, which in our opinion, is a lot of watch for your money.

3. Patek Philippe Nautilus 7118/1200A-011

When you think of sophistication, elegance finesse and just about any luxury adjective you can think of- associating it with Patek Philippe comes as no surprise. The Ladies Patek Philippe Nautilus is beautifully proportioned (due to its Gerald Genta DNA), with the case sitting just right. Not too big and not too small. The grey opaline dial, finished with a beautiful gradient of different shades of grey (not fifty) is by far the most mesmerising part of this watch. It has depth and is simple with the only function being the date located at the six hour mark, seconds, minutes, and hours. It doesn’t try to be more watch than it is, and the  set diamonds around the bezel will do the talking anyway. This watch goes for anywhere between £60-70k depending on condition which is a lot of money for a stainless-steel watch. Nonetheless, Patek is Patek, and it dictates its own corner of the market due to its uber-luxurious name and smaller production levels.


Overall, we have to give the best pick to the Ladies Day-Date 36. For a full solid gold watch to look this good as well as being justifiable in its price, we believe it is a no brainer, if you have the money, to pick this watch up. It is the perfect piece to complete any outfit, as yellow gold goes with just about anything, and the green isn’t so fluorescent that it screams “look at me!”. While the Patek is an amazing looking watch, we think it isn’t justified to pay so much for a non-precious metal timepiece, and while not everything is about investments, the Day-Date 36 is definitely better in that regard due to it being a precious metal piece, meaning there is potentially less downside risk.