The John Mayer Daytona - Rolex Daytona 116508 Review

When you think Rolex, you think Daytona, and there is no doubt that it is the most sought after Rolex Collection today. Born for speed, the Rolex Daytona 116508 epitomises where Rolex is today, a heritage brand that embraces its sporty side, testing new grounds standing the tests of time.

The 'John Mayer' Daytona was nicknamed after pop culture star and guitar artist John Mayer, after he showcased this daytona on the popular watch enthusiasts show talking watches with Hodinkee. 

Originally the Daytona watches started in 1963, commissioned for race car drivers in Florida, Daytona, which has hosted an array of motorsport events, namely the Formula One races. It has also been worn on many people, from John Mayer and Paul Newman, who set the tone for the legacy that the Daytona watch carries today. 

The watch is powered by the calibre 4130 that offers approximately 72 hours of power reserve, a chronograph function accurate to 1/8th of a second and a bi-directional self winding motor. The case is made of a striking 18ct yellow gold that protects the movement up to 100 meters under water. The watch also features a Rolex oyster-lock clasp with an easy-link extension that gives an extra 5mm of adjustment for your wrists during warmer weather. 

The chronograph function allows you to track speeds of up to 400 miles or kilometres per hour, using the tachymetric scale seen on the bezel. 

This watch features a first of its kind bright green dial that is strikingly contrasted against the yellow, with subtle reds and gold applied hour markers that oozes luxury and sportiness all at the same time. 

On the wrist this watch feels amazing, with the weight being perfectly distributed due to the tapered oyster bracelet, making its presence known while remaining quaint and sophisticated. The case size is 40mm which is perfect for small and large wrists and even ladies can wear this watch as a larger statement piece. The case thickness is 12.4mm as well which is quite slim for a heavier watch, and fits perfectly under a shirt cuff. 

Overall this watch is the perfect balance between luxury and sports, and it has not lost even an inch of its iconic chronograph DNA. 

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