Rolex Submariner Hulk 116610LV | Watch Review & Unboxing

The Submariner Hulk is by far the most sought after submariner watch in its collection and for good reason. It is the first ever Rolex to feature a green ceramic bezel alongside a green sunburst dial.

Following the Rolex submariner kermit in 2003 the Hulk came out in 2010 and became a must-have for a lot of collectors. This stands true to this day, as even after the watch had been discontinued in 2020, the Hulk held its reign strongly as the most expensive stainless steel submariner. 


Apart from the obvious and stunning green dial, the Rolex submariner is fitted onto a 904l Stainless Steel case, with a Rolex oyster-steel bracelet and folding clasp. This is extremely robust, but it by no means looks clunky. The watch has a 40mm case size with curved lugs that taper around the wrist beautifully. It's effortlessly sleek and the green contrasts with the steel, popping out with enthusiasm. 

it also features a glide-lock extension system for micro adjustments during the summer or hot weather when your wrists swell. This makes for an all round watch that can be worn casually and formally. 


The watch is powered by the Calibre 3135 which is a very accurate movement with precision of +2/-2 seconds a day. it is self-winding and allows for 48 hours of power reserve. Although it's not anything extraordinary, by Rolex's standards its the best of the best for its time. 

Overall Remarks 

The Rolex Submariner Hulk is definitely one of the best stainless steel Rolexes ever made. Especially when looking at this watch from an investment perspective, not only has it reached highs of £30,000 and more at the peak of the market, during market crashes this watch always holds very strong in its value. Today you can pick one up, depending on the year and condition from between £17,000 to £21,000, which I think is a bargain for a watch that has stood the test of time. 


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