Rolex kickstarts the new year with 4% price rise

Prices have risen by almost 13% since 2022.

The increase is considerably lower than the 8.5% from 2022 into 2023 in Britain, as the global inflation pressures forced the brand to pass on higher production costs to customers.

Rolex raised prices twice in 2022 in an effort to maintain margins as inflation started to bite and to iron out disparities between different markets caused by currency variations. This has been exacerbated by current global affairs leaving Rolex with no choice but to increase their prices for the third time in the space of under two years.


However... this does not mean that Rolex are facing any issues with the general demand. Rolex lovers are still enthusiastic to buy from Authorised dealers, premium or no premium. What helps this sentiment is the fact that although stainless steel sports models have increased in price, they still maintain their premium on the secondary market. 

This means if you're lucky enough to buy a Rolex sports model from the authorised retailer, theres a good chance you can make some money as soon as you walk out of the door.