Hands On With The New Rolex GMT-Master II 126713GRNR!

Rolex did not shy away from taking a bold approach to their releases at the Watches and Wonders event in Geneva this year, and the new GMT-Master II is no exception. 

Although the watch has no differences in the movement or with its functionality, it is nevertheless refreshing to see a subtle colour combination of the black and grey on the Rolex Cerachrom bezel. 

Powered by the Calibre 3285, it still boasts a power reserve of 70 hours, and precision timing of roughly +2/-2 seconds a day. Fitted exclusively on the Rolex jubilee bracelet in both yellow gold and stainless steel, there is a presence of class infused with this watch that is different to the other sports GMT models Rolex have in their GMT-Master II collection. 

We believe it pays homage to the 116713LN GMT-Master II, otherwise known as the Rolex 'green-hand', which was also fitted on a bi-metal bracelet, although this was exclusively released on the oyster bracelet rather than the jubilee.

They have also released the Rolex 126718GRNR which is the full gold variation of this model, which we think looks slightly better as the bezel is not flushed out by the stainless steel of the watch, boasting a starker contrast that enhances the bezel colours. 

Overall, this watch is a beautiful example of something slightly more understated compared to the Rolex Pepsi, Batman or Rootbeer... and although it hasn't got a nickname set in concrete amongst the watch community, rumour has it that the Rolex GMT "Guinness" Is starting to get the most traction. 

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