Gareth Southgate’s Game-Changer: Hublot’s Big Bang e Gen3 Shines at the Euros

During the England vs Serbia match, sharp-eyed viewers might have noticed a baby-blue watch peeking out from under Gareth Southgate’s sleeve. This eye-catching detail belongs to Hublot's new Big Bang e Gen3 smartwatch. Its distinctive color, reminiscent of the mid-90s away shirt, made it even more noticeable.


The Big Bang e Gen3 is Hublot's latest collaboration with the Euros, following nearly 20 years of partnership with major football tournaments. The smartwatch is designed with tournament referees in mind, delivering real-time updates on goals, yellow cards, and results directly to the wearer's wrist. Southgate, a self-proclaimed Hublot enthusiast, appreciates its features for staying updated during training.

Not just for managers, the e Gen3 is a powerful companion for fans too, compatible with Android and Apple, and boasting advanced tech like GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC payments. Its 44mm titanium case and easy-swap rubber straps maintain Hublot’s classic Big Bang aesthetics.

Hublot has long embraced football, with many brands following suit as the sport’s global appeal has skyrocketed. Southgate notes how investment in football has elevated the game's standards across facilities, broadcasting, and player quality. The e Gen3 is a testament to this evolution, blending luxury with practical features for the modern football enthusiast. Expect to see it on the wrists of top figures like Kylian Mbappé, Didier Deschamps, and José Mourinho throughout the tournament.

Hublot’s foray into smartwatches with the Big Bang e Gen3 has sparked debate about whether it's a bold innovation or a risky departure from their luxury roots. Purists argue that Hublot’s embrace of digital technology dilutes the brand's heritage of traditional craftsmanship and exclusivity, potentially alienating collectors who cherish mechanical excellence. On the other hand, supporters view this as a savvy move that aligns with contemporary demands, positioning Hublot as a pioneer in merging luxury with modern functionality. While the Big Bang e Gen3 enhances the brand's visibility in the tech-driven world, it also risks challenging the essence of what defines a Hublot watch. Is this the evolution of luxury, or a step too far? Only time—and perhaps a few more game-winning goals—will tell.

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