Beginners Guide: Setting the Time on a Rolex Sky Dweller

The Sky Dweller sets itself apart from other Rolex models due to its more complicated movement- the Calibre 9001. This movement features both an annual calendar that changes between 30- and 31-day months automatically, and a dual time zone function, using the Ring Command System on the bezel which allows you to set the date and month, the local time, and the reference time for your desired second time zone.


 Today we will run through a step-by-step tutorial on how to set the time on the Rolex Sky-Dweller for everyone who has purchased this watch or is looking to purchase it soon. The watch has four positions from 0 to 3


Position 0 – You cannot change the time, date, 24-hour GMT disc, or month

Position 1 – Used for setting the month and date

Position 2 – Used for setting the local time

Position 3 – Used for setting the reference time


Step 1

This watch has a screw-down crown, which you simply turn anti-clockwise until it pops out. You then pull the crown out by one click, which will stop the watch hour and minute hands moving to indicate that you are now setting the time.



Step 2

By rotating the bezel one stop to the right you are now in position one. This position allows you to change the month and date found in the date window on the right of the dial. The month is cleverly indicated by the red marker under any of the 12-hour markers on the dial.


Step 3

By rotating the watch one stop to the left, you are now in position two. Position two allows you to set the local time indicated by the short hour hand as seen below.



Step 4

By rotating the bezel all the way counter clockwise, you put the watch in position three. Position three allows you to set the reference time for your second time zone. Note that setting the reference time (hour on the 24-hour-disc and minutes shown by the centre minute hand) also moves the hour hand that displays the local time. Therefore, you should always set the reference time first before the setting local time.


Return the bezel to position 0 by turning it clockwise as far as it will go. Lastly, always remember to screw the winding crown back to prevent any water damage to the watch.


We hope this helped to give an understanding on the movement that drives the incredible Rolex Sky Dweller, and with all the time setting conundrums involved.