The Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi. Is it going to be discontinued?

For the last few months, there has been speculation across the luxury watch industry regarding the future of Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi. Some suggest that the famous blue and red 24-hour bezel is about to be discontinued due to the failure in the production rate. Therefore, Rolex might stop manufacturing Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi altogether. But is it going to happen? 


Though Rolex has not given any official statement addressing the rumours, the uncertainty persists amongst watch enthusiasts. The lack of official information has left the fans in suspense. However, as we know, fewer Rolex models are available in circulation now; therefore, the prices for GMT Pepsi are on the rise in the market. As per the watch analytics, there has been a surge in the market prices since August 2023. The upward trend indicates a notable shift in the market dynamics of the Rolex model. The rise in the prices of GMT Pepsi is noteworthy, especially when compared to the decreased cost of the other Rolex watches in the secondary market. 

There is no denying the fact that the luxury watch industry is always buzzing with speculation and anticipation. The rumoured discontinuation of GMT Pepsi II leaves enthusiasts to ponder if a successor or a new addition will emerge, especially for those who appreciate its distinctive features. Conversely, exciting prospects are emerging with a re-edition of the GMT Master II "Coke" and "Sprite" models featuring unique twists. As we eagerly await the official announcement that might come in 2024, Rolex continues to stir the world with its intriguing moves, leaving enthusiasts on edge, eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the brand's journey.

Factors Influencing Discontinuation

One of the prominent factors contributing to the swirling rumours is the manufacturing challenges in creating the specific ceramic bezel of Pepsi. As per the reports from authorised dealers, they have hinted at these challenges, further contributing to the air of uncertainty about the watch's future. While taking such rumours with a grain of salt is essential, there is also a suggestion that reduction may be on the charts as Rolex potentially navigates a transition to 41mm case size.

Expected Changes to GMT Master II

If the discontinuation rumours are true, speculation arises about the potential changes that may accompany GMT Master II Pepsi. Foremost among these predictions is the movement's upgrade, coupled with an increase or a larger 41mm case size. If we consider the Submariner, it underwent a similar size increase in 2020. Such modifications could be aligned with Rolex's pursuit of innovation and consistency across its lineup.

Successor- New Rolex patent made for black and red bezel 

Speculations point towards the resurrection of GMT Coke, which presently features a ceramic bezel and is available on both oyster and jubilee bracelet options. Opting for a darker-coloured bezel can alleviate manufacturing challenges, making the introduction of this model a logical transition for Rolex. Rolex has a long history of crafting watches with dual-colour bezels. As Rolex have filed a patent, there are hopes for the return of the Coke model, once beloved, but overshadowed by the famous Pepsi. While this could mark the end of the Pepsi era, it's important to remember that Rolex has already managed periods when models with different colour bezels coexisted peacefully. The patent opens new possibilities for reintroducing the Coke model and exploring further combinations of colours and materials. Irrespective of the fate of Pepsi, it is clear that Rolex would continue to invest in technological research while maintaining a unique connection between tradition and history. 

Rolex- Expanding its Catalogue?

The watch community is on the edge, eagerly anticipating the official word from experts themselves about the fate of GMT Master II. Whether the speculations are true or not, one thing is clear: the suspense keeps the collectors, enthusiasts, and watch experts hooked.

If Pepsi is on an end, the big reveal can be expected in 2024. So stay tuned for the moment of truth!

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